Year of rescue: 2012

Age at the time of rescue: 55 years

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Jovial and playful

Recognisable features: Perfectly symmetrical depigmentation over her eyes and her trunk, the tallest female elephant under our care

Present health condition: Presently not undergoing any treatment; medicated foot bath of magnesium oxide and turmeric for her delicate foot pads 

Facility: Elephant Conservation and Care Centre

Favourite food: Cabbage and jackfruit

Closest to: Maya

Favourite activities: Enjoys long walks to the riverside of Yamuna and loves a dip in the river; loves to play with her hosepipe enrichment ball

Background history: Blind in the right eye and weak in her legs, Phoolkali had no respite from her torturous routine of begging for alms, for the survival of her owner who never cared for her. Phoolkali was forced to navigate through narrow streets and littered roads at the thunderous shout of her owner or a stab of bull-hook to her forehead, leaving her physically and psychologically tortured and completely breaking her spirit as an elephant. Phoolkali’s healing journey at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre gave her a lifelong companion in Maya and the chance to rediscover herself! | READ MORE ABOUT PHOOLKALI

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