Year of rescue: 2015

Age at the time of rescue: 45 years old

Sex: Male

Personality traits: Very calm

Recognisable features: One-eared elephant; lost presumably when poached from his herd in the wild

Present health condition: Healthy; not undergoing any treatment except regular footbaths

Facility: Elephant Conservation and Care Centre

Favourite food: Sweet potatoes and pumpkins

Favourite activities: Enrichment log, long walks with keeper

Background history: Suraj was living a life of abuse and neglect in a temple in Maharashtra when Wildlife SOS rescued him in December 2015. Ironically, Suraj, whose name means ‘sun’ in Hindi, spent nearly all his time restrained by spiked chains in a dark, dank room with little food and water. Years of neglect led to severely deteriorated health including multiple bull-hook wounds, foot rot and a terribly malnourished frame. This  magnificent tusker had even lost his entire left ear (believed to have been torn off when he was poached from the wild as a calf).

Safely residing at the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, Suraj is getting all the pampering he so deserves today! | READ MORE ABOUT SURAJ

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