Year of rescue: 2023

Age at the time of rescue: Approximately 18 years

Sex: Male

Personality traits: Taj is young, responsive, and exhibits active and energetic behaviour.

Closest to: Tara

Recognisable features: He has a single tusk and a subtle crease in one ear.

Present health condition: Taj is suffering from several toenail abscesses and a delicate torn foot pad, he receives specialised care including foot baths, laser therapy, and antibiotics for his degenerative joint issue and arthritis. His once-low appetite now thrives with probiotics, and ongoing treatments ensure stability.

Facility: Elephant Hospital Campus

Favourite food: Sugarcane, bananas, and watermelon.

Favourite activities: He enjoys throwing mud on himself.

Background history: Once used for begging, Taj was severely emaciated, with swollen limbs, torn footpads, and severe joint disorders. He wandered the streets under unimaginable circumstances and faced a tumultuous past. Bound to a life of begging in the cityscape, Taj depended entirely on the occasional kindness of a few passersby for his sustenance.

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