Age: 12 years old

Sex: Male

Age at the time of rescue: 3 months old.

Personality traits: Calm & quiet, antithesis to Vitthal.

Recognisable features: Blind in both eyes; one is a glassy blue, the other doesn’t open fully.

Present health condition: Healthy, currently not under any treatment.

Facility:  Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center

Closest to: Vitthal.

Favourite activities: Playing with pumpkin enrichment, climbing trees.

Special needs: As he is unable to see very clearly, the centre uses olfactory sensory enrichments to guide him around his enclosure and hone his hunting skills..

Keeper name: Shivaji

Background history: Ganesh was a victim of a mob where he was attacked ferociously by villagers who did not take kindly to the intrusion.  Its agonising cries pierced through the sounds of the hostile mob thrashing its fragile body, but made little difference to its violent attackers. While Wildlife SOS was able to rescue the big cat from the terrifying situation, he ended up losing his sight in the incident.

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