Why Monthly Donors Make More Rescues Possible

February 17, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin

We currently have approximately 400 bears, 32 leopards, 24 elephants, 250 monkeys, and lots of other animals depending on us for life long care.  We also have a campaign to rescue all of India’s remaining circus elephants, 24×7 rescue helpline for urban wildlife mitigation as well as anti-poaching operations.  Most people are unaware of the number of animals who rely on us every day for their care. For us, although it is a source of pride that we have been able to help so many, it is also a source of anxiety.  What would happen if we had a bad month where few people donated? What would happen if we had several months in a row where support was significantly down?

Having hundreds of animals dependent on us to provide their food, veterinary care and enrichment is a challenge. Unfortunately, even though we help hundreds, there are always requests that we save and rescue more.

What helps us to determine if we can help one more is if we have people who have committed to be monthly donors.  Monthly donors give us the security to know that we can provide quality care to our existing rescued animals. They also build the confidence we need to feel that we can expand our reach to help more. It would not be responsible of us to continue to rescue animals if the current ones in our care are put at risk.

There are many organizations that help wildlife. However, there aren’t many who need to plan for giving lifetime care to the animals. Lifetime care can last decades. Unlike organizations who could simply cut back on programming if income declined, we unequivocally could not cut our budget and feed the animals less if we had reduced financial support. That means we have to be careful and smart with our resources.

We write this post to help explain a little more about how Wildlife SOS is different and to help you understand what some of our considerations are before rescuing an animal.  We also hope that it will encourage you to become a monthly donor.  Your ongoing support will give us the confidence and security we need to continue the campaign to rescue India’s wildlife.  THANK YOU!!

You can ‘CLICK HERE‘ to become a monthly donor through online transaction. You can also set up a monthly reoccurring bank transfer from you bank account with the information provided HERE.

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