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Breaking News: Peanut, Coconut (Coco), Walnut (Wally) and Macadamia (Mac) have officially been rescued from the circus. The four elephants have reached the transit facility in Pune. Once we have everything ready to accommodate them at Wildlife SOS, they will be moved to our facility. To help us build their permanent home at Wildlife SOS, please donate today!

Wildlife SOS's Anti-Poaching Team has rescued an eight week old Sloth Bear Cub from Indo-Nepal Border in collaboration with the forest department. The bear cub is now safely residing and being treated by our vets at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility.

‪Update‬ On ‪‎Mohan‬! Mohan's court case was expected to be heard on the 22nd April 2015, unfortunately it was delayed unexpectedly. We now believe that it will be heard within the next few days, but we don't yet have confirmation on the timing. We will keep you informed as we learn more. Please be assured that Mohan is under the watchful eyes of our team members deployed there and we will not leave without taking him along.

‪‎Update‬ On ‪‎Lakhi‬ ! Our lovely girl has been getting her routine check up and treatment for her wounds by our veterinarian Dr. Vibha at the ‪Elephant Conservation and Care Center‬. This is followed by a pedicure to provide her relief from pain caused by overgrown foot-pads and cracked toe-nails.

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Great News! Suzy seems to be loving her new surroundings and is growing friendlier everyday with the ‪Wildlife SOS‬ team at the ‪Elephant Conservation and Care Center‬, ‎Mathura‬! She is now friends with Lakhi and Asha and the trio can be seen enjoying their long walks together.

Raju Update! Click here to read all about his health status and see treatment pictures.

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