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A wild four year old female sloth bear was rescued thrice from the same village in Karnataka. After a meticulous examination by Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Team, the bear was found to be limping with a fractured joint and was unable to bear weight on her left limb. She is currently under treatment at Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center.

We regret to inform that the ‪Online Auction‬ ‪Fundraiser‬ which was scheduled for 16th March 2015 stands ‪postponed until further notice.

The ‪‎Wildlife SOS‬ team has rescued another abused elephant ‪Lakhi‬ who is completely blind in both eyes! She is safely residing at her new home now and sharing meals with her new friend, Asha!

#Update! Asha begins her morning with fresh fruits and a brand new shed to keep her cool as the temperature rises at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Mathura!

‪Suzy‬ Update! Suzy seems to be loving her new surroundings and is growing friendlier everyday with the ‪Wildlife SOS‬ team at the ‪Elephant Conservation and Care Center‬, ‎Mathura‬! It will take a lot of patience and love for Suzy to forget her traumatic past and understand kindness.

Raju Update! Click here to read all about his health status and see treatment pictures.

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