Cobra removed by Wildlife SOS after biting an air force officer

October 2, 2013 | By dw
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By Resham Beri

Wildlife SOS’s 24 hour animal rescue helpline responded to a distressed call from the Air Force Station in Rajokri, Delhi on their wildlife helpline about a cobra spotted on the premises.

The Wildlife SOS team rushed to the Air Force Station but before our team could get there, one of the air force officers attempted to capture the cobra and got bitten on his right index finger. Thankfully, the officer Sgt Horo did not panic and tied a tourniquet around his finger to stop the venom from spreading throughout his body.

Sgt Horo was immediately rushed to the hospital where the doctors treated him with anti-venom serum.  His colleague Sgt. Singh informs us that he is doing much better now.

Wildlife SOS rescue team found the cobra in the Air Force Station and removed it carefully.  The common cobra or ‘Naja Naja’ is a venomous snake that uses its venom primarily to hunt its prey consisting of rats, mice or frogs.  The venom which is neurotoxic in nature is a highy concentrated protein and assists the snake in hunting and digesting its prey.  Cobras bite people only when confronted, cornered or threatened.

Geeta Seshamani, co-founder Wildlife SOS said, “Not all snake found in Delhi are poisonous.  It is very important that people understand the difference between a venomous and a non-venomous snake.  They need to be informed and educated to be able to differentiate between cobras and kraits that are venomous and rat snake and pythons that are non-venomous.

When in Delhi, if you spot a snake, please call the Wildlife SOS Helpline at 9871963535 and do not attempt to catch or kill the snake.

The Wildlife SOS helpline functions as a hotline for reptiles and wildlife in distess and functions in the Delhi NCR area.  To support this unique project you can visit



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