Giving Tuesday For The Elephants!

December 2, 2019 | By dw
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For elephants, poor foot condition is not just painful, it can be life threatening. This Giving Tuesday we hope to raise money for additional equipment needed to ease an elephant’s pain and help our staff provide long-term care for our family of 28 pachyderms at Wildlife SOS conservation centers. Tuesday is here for our friends in the East, but you don’t have to wait. Please help give these elephants relief today!

Equipment Needs Includes:

$20,000 for rubber flooring – This soft flooring will help the elephants with the most severe foot issues. Our hope is to install the new flooring in the Elephant Hospital treatment areas and surrounding enclosures to ease the pain of elephants who struggle to take even a few small steps.

$3,000 for foot-soaking buckets – Our hospital needs approximately 60 new buckets ($50 each) to provide elephants with their own equipment to reduce the chance for cross-contamination of infected feet. These buckets will help us provide ongoing treatment for every elephant at our centers.

$12,000 for hydrotherapy heater – You’ve seen how our elephants enjoy and benefit from our hydrotherapy whirlpool. Our expert hospital staff would like to install a heater to warm the water of the hydrotherapy pool to better help elephants suffering from osteoarthritis.

$7,800 for elephant shoes – For the most acutely abscessed and damaged feet, our hospital needs 12 pairs of shoes ($650 a pair) for the most injured elephants. These shoes will constantly protect an elephant’s feet and allow them to heal.

Virtually every elephant that comes to us has serious or debilitating foot problems, often compounded by osteoarthritis from years of captivity. Difficult to treat, these ailments can become life-threatening without extensive ongoing care in our Elephant Hospital. On this Giving Tuesday, can you please help?

Thank you from the entire Wildlife SOS team! Your support is critical to successfully treating these beautiful elephants.

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