Great News! All Aboard On ‘Lakhi’ Express!

February 26, 2015 | By dw
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We’ve got great news to share with you about Lakhi, the blind begging elephant. She has been rescued by our team and has been loaded on the truck safely, packed with loads of fresh fruits and buckets of water to keep her tummy full and hydrated during the journey.

It will take Lakhi a couple of days to reach her new home, the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, in Mathura as she covers 1400 kms from Pune along with our expert paramedics and rescue team! We will have more details to share in the coming days, as we post updates on Lakhi’s journey on this blog and on Facebook.. So stay tuned and keep checking in!

UPDATE – Feb 26th, 12pm IST: The convoy has crossed the first toll and covered about 50 kms from the starting point in Pune.

UPDATE -Feb 27th, 11 am: The convoy is 135 kms away from Indore and still has a long way to go. Fresh fodder is being loaded on the truck for Lakhi by the team.

UPDATE – Feb 27th, 7pm: Lakhi is pretty smart we learnt! She picked up the smell of the bananas in the caretaker’s pocket and reached out with the help of her truck to grab them as he closed his eyes for a little nap on the truck. Lol!

UPDATE – Feb 28th, 11am: Lakhi has stepped out of the truck to walk and stretch in the open. She seems to be having a great time. The convoy is now approximately 350 kms away from the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Mathura!

UPDATE – Feb 28th, 7pm : It’s snack time for Lakhi! She happily feeds on veggies and later the convoy is loaded with loads of healthy food for the journey ahead for Lakhi!

UPDATE – March 1st, 9 am: The convoy is now just 60 kms away from the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Mathura! Unfortunately, there is a lot of traffic and the convoy has slowed down. 🙁

UPDATE – March 1st, 3 pm: Great News! Lakhi has finally arrived at her new home, the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Mathura safely! All this has been possible because of your love and support. Thank you so much everyone for your wishes and encouragement in this journey.

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