Star tortoises walk free once again

March 3, 2020 | By dw
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After a journey of several years, a group of star tortoises, once victims of the illegal wildlife trade, walk free once again

Do you remember the story of the star tortoises that were repatriated back to India after being smuggled into Singapore?  It has been a long journey for these beautiful and threatened tortoises, but we are thrilled to announce that some of them have been released back into the wild and are thriving.  (Click here for more info on the tortoises)

After the tortoises arrived in India, they were placed in pens for several months to re-acclimate to the environment.  Of the 50 tortoises that we have been monitoring, a small group of 12 were chosen to be part of the first release. Prior to the big day, they were fitted with little transmitters on their shells.  Once we were comfortable that everything was working, they were allowed to venture outside of their pens.

A Wildlife SOS biologist uses an antenna from the receiver to locate the tortoises.

Over time we will work to have the full group released.  Our team of biologists and guards are both patrolling the areas where the tortoises live and keeping tabs on them with the radio transmitter to ensure they are healthy.

We are grateful to ACRES in Singapore and to you for helping to give these tortoises the freedom they deserve.

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