Tracing Ramu’s healing journey…

December 19, 2019 | By dw
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Ramu has been a part of the Wildlife SOS family for just 15 days, but has made himself an inseparable part of our lives!

This young pachyderm is so full of unmatched enthusiasm, that despite his severely affected limbs, one will find him walking around his enclosure, lifting his trunk to greet his neighbours. Ramu has been healing very well with us, and we thought of compiling his journey for you to witness it for yourself!


Ramu’s abnormal gait due to his osteoarthritis


Ramu walking with our staff prior to rescue.


Our veterinarian examining Ramu’s ankle prior to rescue.


Medication applied to his foot and his leg


Ramu had a hard time resting in his enclosure prior to rescue.


Wildlife SOS Elephant Ambulance arriving to rescue Ramu.


Mud-ramp and elevation created so that Ramu can board the Ambulance.


Ramu is on board with some water and green fodder for his journey.


The journey from Ranchi to Elephant Hospital campus is a two-day long one.


The demand for banana leaves arose when Ramu sniffed a truck carrying bananas pass our Ambulance!


Banana leaves being loaded for Ramu’s journey.


Ramu takes a whiff of his surroundings!


Elephant Ambulance and Wildlife SOS escort vehicle for Ramu.


Ramu’s final leg of the journey to Elephant Hospital campus.
Ramu reaches the Elephant hospital campus!


His first bath!


Ramu’s X-ray is being conducted.


His X-ray showed a hairline fracture that will take some time to heal.


Ramu is given regular 45-minute long laser therapy session that give his arthritic limbs.


The laser therapy gives him relief at a cellular level.


An abscess in his left hind footpad.


The abscess receiving turmeric and zinc oxide dressing.


He loves his hanging hay enrichment full of green fodder and jaggery!

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