Wildlife SOS comes to the aid of an injured Hyena

February 22, 2011 | By dw
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HyenaIt was 9 am on a cool December morning when the phone rang at The Agra Bear Rescue Facility. The number flashing on the screen was that of the Agra DFO. Picking up the call Wildlife S.O.S official, Baiju was alerted to a human – animal conflict situation in a neighboring village.

The DFO had already dispatched his own unit consisting of a range officer and some other forest staff but requested the Wildlife S.O.S team to also reach the location. The information on the animal in question was a little garbled as the villagers were referring to it as both leopard and tiger, but the forest staff suspected it to be a case of mistaken identity.

Loading the vehicle with a cage for transportation, a blowpipe in case tranquilization was required and a first aid kit, the Wildlife SOS team consisting of Baiju, Dr. Jaykrishnan, Karamveer and Manoj sped off to the site. The crowd at the location was huge and the police had to be called in to control the mob, all of whom were eager to get a glimpse of the action. Wildlife SOS team member Baiju entered the house in which the animal was trapped and found that he was looking at a badly injured and frightened hyena. Not wishing to stress the animal further, the Doctor was called in to dart the hyena. Once tranquilized, the animal was quickly put in to a cage and the team made its get away back to ABRF.

“The animal had apparently killed a goat in the village, after which the village dogs had given chase. In an attempt to escape, the poor hyena had got caught in barbed wire. Injured and in shock it had entered the first quiet place it found, which turned out to be someone’s house!” said Baiju.

Back at ABRF, the hyena was treated for its head injuries and also a badly severed toe, which had to be stitched.  She was then kept in observation for a few hours after which she was moved to a bigger room.

Hyena Rescue

Geeta Seshamani, co founder, Wildlife SOS said “The hyena is a juvenile female and is responding well to treatment. Her appetite has steadily improved, a sure sign of recovery and good health. She is consuming an entire kilo of meat everyday, along with some milk in to which her medicines and feed supplements are surreptitiously added. The hyena is extremely aggressive towards people and we hope to release her soon.”

Kartick Satyanarayan, co founder, Wildlife SOS said “Thanks to the quick thinking of the Agra DFO and the efficient handling of the situation by the Wildlife S.O.S  Rapid Response Unit, this animal was saved from becoming yet another victim of human animal conflict.”

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