Create a Legacy with Wildlife SOS in Your Estate Plans

March 1, 2023 | By dw
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You too can build a legacy for the wildlife you love
It’s easy with our partners – Freewill for USA, and Farewill for UK

Since 1995, Wildlife SOS has provided life-saving care to animals across India. Today, we have evolved into an organisation actively protecting India’s precious wildlife, ranging from the majestic elephant to the colorful parrot.  In addition to rescue and rehabilitation, our work includes conserving habitats, studying biodiversity, conducting research, and creating alternative and sustainable livelihoods for communities dependent on wildlife for sustenance. We are the largest wildlife rescue organisation in India and run 12 wildlife rescue centres all over the country.


“If an immediate cash gift isn’t right for you, or if you want a more concrete, long-term investment in the next generation of Wildlife SOS, consider a legacy gift in your will today.”

— Lavanya R.


Our work would not be possible without passionate donors and supporters who share our vision of a landscape where both conservation and welfare are addressed for man and wildlife.

One concrete way to show up for the people and causes you love is to make a plan for them in your will, and we hope to make this important task more widely accessible to those who need it. If you don’t have an up-to-date will, you can use FreeWill’s tool in the USA and Farewill in the UK to create yours and even include an optional legacy gift to Wildlife SOS in the process.

Why should I make a will and donate to Wildlife SOS?
No matter your age or circumstances, everyone needs a legal will to plan for the future and make a lasting commitment to the people and causes that matter most. Making a will is a vital part of protecting your loved ones and taking responsibility for your assets.

Many think that estate planning is only for the wealthy or elderly. But no matter what you own, estate planning enables you to make important choices, such as who would care for a beloved pet in your absence and the health and treatment decisions critical to your future. Learn more about common misconceptions and myths on FreeWill’s blog.

Additionally, creating a legacy with Wildlife SOS is a strong investment in India’s biodiversity, climate, and public health. We’ve been leading the charge since 1995, so you can donate to Wildlife SOS with confidence that you’re making a sound investment. We’ve also achieved a 4/4-star Charity Navigator status, so you can trust your legacy will make a positive difference across India.


We are delighted to leave a legacy gift with Wildlife SOS because we know that every dollar will be spent wisely and well — to not only save wildlife, but to enlighten people to behave in ways that respect the intrinsic value of all animals.”

— Marla S.


Creating a legacy with Wildlife SOS is the most powerful way to support Wildlife SOS for generations to come. It represents your lasting commitment to Wildlife SOS, while costing you nothing today.

If an immediate cash gift isn’t right for you, or if you want a more concrete, long-term investment in the next generation of Wildlife SOS, consider a legacy gift in your will today.

Why use FreeWill’s estate planning tool?
Making a will doesn’t have to be complicated or scary, but many people avoid the task because they assume it will be. But FreeWill’s will-writing tool makes the process easy, intuitive, and fast: in less than 20 minutes, you can make a will and make a plan for the future. You won’t need to submit any sensitive personal information — no social security number necessary, for example — and you’ll finish with a PDF of your will that after signing it in accordance with the included instructions, is legally valid in all 50 states and D.C.

I’m in the UK. Is there a similar service available to me?
Yes, absolutely! Our UK partner is called Farewill, and they can help you quickly create a legally binding will specifically designed for the UK legal system.  To learn more, click here.

What if I’m not in the USA or UK?
If you live in India or other region, please contact

If you have any further questions about FreeWill or Planned Giving at Wildlife SOS, please contact Lavanya at

Read more about planned giving, legacy gifts and creating a will.

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