Flying Fox pays a midnight call!!

October 28, 2010 | By dw
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Rescue of a fruit bat in North Delhi’s University A late night call on Monday, from the Police Control Room led the Wildlife S.O.S. Rescue Team to the rescue of a fruit bat in North Delhi’s University area.

Rescue of a fruit bat in North Delhi’s UniversityIt was midnight by the time the team reached the location. A group of students from the University shared the flat where the fruit bat was found injured. Unable to identify the animal and at a loss as how to help it, the students promptly called the local Police helpline number who in turn called Wildlife S.O.S. to the rescue.

Rescue Team member Arshad Khan said, ”The animal was in a semi-collapsed state. He seemed to have collided against a nearby post with force and got knocked out. There are slight injuries around his neck region. He is under observation and treatment with us presently. But we hope to be able to release him within the week.

This particular species of fruit bat is known as the Flying Fox because of its big fox-like head. A Flying Fox is the largest of all fruit bats and is common to India. They are vegetarians and survive mainly on fruits like banana, papaya, guava etc.

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