Tiger in Mathura – The Outcome

October 30, 2010 | By dw
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In a rare incident in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh a Tiger was reported to be sighted in a village near the highway. The Forest Department immediately contacted Wildlife SOS to help track the animal and preventing a disaster from happening, as the villagers were already up in arms to kill the wandering tiger.

The Chief Wildlife Warden of Uttar Pradesh issued permissions for the Wildlife SOS team and the vets to tranquilize the tiger. Soon the team was in business. . . . tracking the tiger through ten feet high grass and sugarcane fields.

See early news coverage of the tiger on CNN IBN

The Wildlife SOS team led by Baiju Raj and Dr. Ilayaraja, along with the enforcement agencies reached the spot to find a panicking mob trying to flush out the Tiger from a cultivation field where it was allegedly hiding. The mob’s hue and cry made the poor beast run further afield and hide in a bigger crop cultivation.

After pacifying the distraught villagers, the team of Wildlife SOS along with the Forest Department decided to safely tranquillize the animal and remove it from a potentially dangerous situation. So according to the plan a trap cage was setup. But the young male Tiger was too scared and instead moved further afield, followed by the Wildlife SOS and Forest Department team who monitored and tracked its 
movements constantly. Long hours went by each day as the team got closer to the animal but ensuring that the tiger was moving in the right direction towards the forests.

During this period the animal defended itself by attacking people when they got too close to it, but fortunately the monitoring team did not have a direct confrontation although the path to trapping this animal was full of danger. The young tiger moved steadily, prodded on by the Wildlife SOS and forest Department teams, under the camouflage 
of greenery or in the dark of night towards the border of Rajasthan. Its tracks ultimately led to the Bharatpur National Park, which meant the animal was safely in the jungle once again . . . a few days later the Rajasthan Forest Dept confirmed that the tiger was sighted inside the Bharatpur National Park alive and well.

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