Meet Maharani Bear!

April 23, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin
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Maharani, like always, stays true to her name at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility and takes great pleasure in the royal treatment and respect given to her by her keeper and other bears. 13 years ago, she was rescued by Wildlife SOS from a village in Uttar Pradesh. She was weak and fragile at the time and needed immediate medical attention.


Weighing approximately 102kgs, Maharani is now one of the fastest tree climbers among all the bears at the rescue centre. Like a queen, she carries an attitude with her and enjoys the love and attention she receives from her peers. Maharani is exceptionally intelligent and amicable with everyone around her except Jonny bear with whom she has gotten into playful tussles a number of times and always emerges a winner. A free-spirited bear, the timeline of her day includes digging pits with her best friend Jojo and searching for ants or termites.

Apart from spending time with Jojo, she loves to be out in the field either exploring or lazing around in the freshly dug pit.  Maharani is a real foodie and looks forward to all her meals without wasting a morsel of it! We would like to thank you for helping Maharani live the life of a healthy sloth bear. If would like to help us take care of Maharani, please follow the link:

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