Monsoons lead to two Python rescues in Delhi in a week!

February 22, 2010 | By dw
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Python Rescued

The Wildlife S.O.S. Reptile Rescue cell in Delhi is on a roll these days. With the Monsoons flushing out snakes from all hidey holes and leading them to public places and people’s homes looking for food and a dry shelter, the Wildlife S.O.S. 24 hour rescue helpline is flooded with “distress calls”. In the last week alone Wildlife S.O.S. has come to the aid of two Pythons, one from the middle of posh South Delhi.

The first Python rescued from a village near Bawana in West Delhi is a 14feet giant, weighing 35 kgs and was found by the people on the edge of a cultivation field. Initially the panicking public wanted to harm the snake but thanks to a village elder the snake was saved. Sanjay with pythonThe local Police was informed who in turn hastened to inform the Forest Department who called the Wildlife S.O.S. rescue helpline. Sanjay, Wildlife S.O.S. Reptile Rescue team member immediately left for the place and rescued the snake. Sanjay said “We are happy that we are able to provide this service to the public and also save animals. Our years of hard work creating awareness are now bearing fruit and there are some people who have become more sensitive to reptiles and help us protect them. This snake is a magnificent specimen and no threat to anyone; it would have been a pity if it had been killed simply because people spotted him.”

Within a week of the first rescue Sanjay also rescued another Python from the playgrounds of a well known school in posh South Delhi where the snake was sighted, entangled in the cricket nets. The concern to protect wildlife and the quick thinking of the school Head and the staff saved yet another snake from being beaten to death.

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