Rescues from the Helpline: July!

August 24, 2020 | By Smriti Suri
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Every month, we receive hundreds of calls regarding urban wildlife in distress. To combat the rising number of conflict cases, Wildlife SOS operates a 24×7 emergency rescue helplines manned by our Rapid Response Team in three cities:

Delhi NCR – +91-9871963535

Agra & Mathura in Uttar Pradesh – +91-9917109666

Vadodara, Gujarat – +91-9825011117

If you come across any wild animal in distress in the following cities, please alert our rescue team on these numbers as soon as possible!

In July, we rescued no less than 350 animals, all caught in various situations of conflict or having fallen prey to heat exhaustion and dehydration.

We rushed to the rescue of a hyena that was found hiding inside a culvert near Nagla Jairam village beside the Agra Gwalior Highway. It had been chased away by the villagers who were left fearing for their life after the hyena was spotted. A five-member team from the NGO rushed to the location with a team of forest officers and transferred the hyena to the Wildlife SOS facility for temporary care.

The rise in temperature in July drove reptiles to seek respite from the heat in cooler spaces. This led to over a hundred reptile rescues across Delhi NCR, Vadodara and Agra, all of which were found in varying stages of dehydration and were released in their habitats after treatment.

In another hair-raising incident in the national capital, a 5-foot-long cobra snake was extricated from the wheel rim of an SUV by our rescuers! It took 30 minutes to safely pull the snake out from this tricky situation and it was later released back into the wild.

In Mohabbatpur village in Firozabad district in Uttar Pradesh, a family was shocked to find a five-foot-long Mugger crocodile in their toilet! The crocodile was successfully rescued by Wildlife SOS & Uttar Pradesh Forest Dept. and later released into the Yamuna River.

In July, we rescued no less than 350 animals! [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

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Hotline Number | हॉटलाइन नंबर

Delhi NCT Region +91-9871963535
Agra Region (UP) +91-9917109666
Vadodra Region +91-9825011117
J&K Region +91 7006692300
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