Wildlife SOS works with both rural and urban communities in India to educate people, especially those living in man-wildlife conflict zones, about their surrounding environment and the animals that are a part of it. Our outreach efforts have been focused on spreading awareness and encouraging people living near wildlife habitats to become protectors of various ecosystems which also encourages action for a more sustainable future.

We also work closely with the state government and forest department, to help animals which are caught or involved in human-wildlife conflict situations as well as facilitate and organize workshops for them. We work with three bear species in India— Sloth bears, Asiatic Black bears & Himalayan Brown bears and we have protected several bears that have fallen victim to snares, bullet wounds and other conflict situations.

Wildlife SOS has been conducting awareness programs to educate the public and encourage responsible community participation in conservation initiatives such as tree plantation drives in association with the school authorities of Jammu & Kashmir, cleaning plastics from Bannerghatta to cleaning the Dal Lake with schools and colleges. Students and volunteers learn about animal conservation and behaviour and going forward, these students organize rallies to grow awareness about wildlife conservation and protection amongst their communities.

Wildlife SOS also holds exhibitions and stalls to spread awareness about wildlife conservation among the masses as well as working with local communities and stakeholders educating and empowering them to patrol and protect their forests. Workshops are held regularly with Law officers, Forest Department Enforcement Officers, Police and Customs officers to make them learn about wildlife trade, conflict management and rescue techniques in order to mitigate animal-human conflict.

Objective: To protect and provide medical aid to as many bears in the country vulnerable to man-bear conflict situations, poaching and other threats, as possible.


  • It is still critical that our anti-poaching efforts continue. Even with minimal demand for ‘dancing’ bears, Sloth Bear cubs are still being poached for use in Chinese medicines and gourmet cuisine in South-East Asia.
  • This ongoing poaching, combined with habitat encroachment, continues to pose a serious threat to an already depleting population in the Indian subcontinent.
  • Wildlife SOS has in the last decade successfully carried out many rescue operations in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, where these bears are often found injured in snare traps or with bullet shots by poachers.
  • Over the years Asiatic Black bears and Himalayan Brown bears have increasingly fallen victim to the human-wildlife conflict situation in Jammu & Kashmir due to large-scale deforestation along with threats due to militancy and poaching for fur, claws and organs.
  • Wildlife SOS works closely with the Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Protection Department and the Forest department in an effort to mitigate the human-wildlife conflict situation in the state.

Location/Region: Pan India


  • Protected hundreds of bears from conflict situations such as gunshot wounds, jaw traps, mob fury etc.
  • A rescue team is on the standby 24×7 to drive to required locations in order to provide immediate medical care.
  • In cases where on site medical care is not sufficient, the bear is brought back to the centre for specialised treatment in the animal hospital.

Project Needs: 

  • Safety equipment for rescuers.
  • Vehicles for enabling faster operations.
  • Expansion of team at centre to enable more than one rescue at a time.

Other Collaborating Groups: Karnataka Forest Department, Madhya Pradesh Forest Department & Jammu & Kashmir Wildlife Department.

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