Spotlight On Sprightly Shivshree!

November 24, 2023 | By Shavya Arora
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In the quiet village of Khamundi, Maharashtra, locals stumbled upon a startling sight. A leopard cub, barely five months old, was found in a semiconscious state, struggling to stand and move. The intervention of the state forest department ensured the cub’s swift transfer to the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre (MLRC), where she underwent weeks of intensive treatment. This young leopard was named Shivshree, who made a remarkable recovery and stands out as a strong and healthy leopard today.  

[Photo © Wildlife SOS/Akash Dolas]

Just days before her rescue, another female cub named Aditi had been rescued from the same location. Like Shivshree, Aditi too was found to be extremely dehydrated and weak. Soon after the two showed signs of recovery, several attempts were made to find the mother leopard in order to reunite them with her. In her absence, the cubs would receive no guidance on how to survive the wild. The forest department therefore advised long-term care for the two orphans. 

[Photo © Wildlife SOS/Akash Dolas]

During the first few days of their arrival, the two cubs were showing signs of nervous incoordination that led to each pressing their head downward. Being aware of their state, our skilful team gently hand-raised Shivshree and Aditi. The two have grown up alongside and are lively leopards who also share the same enclosure. They can be seen spending ample time chasing each other. Among the two, Shivshree seems to be the rather dominating one when they engage in mock-wrestling. She often wins the match by striking her paws on Aditi one too many times! 

When it comes to self-care, Shivshree and Aditi indulge in mutual grooming sessions! The tender moments that they share together further strengthen their sisterly bond. 

[Photo © Wildlife SOS/Akash Dolas]

Displaying what is true to the nature of her species, Shivshree often strolls all by herself across her field, making the most of her solitary hours. One time, when our staff photographer tried to take pictures of Shivshree, the majestic feline suddenly decided to change her posture. Shivshree swiftly rolled over upside down, with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Her fun-loving vibe makes her a charming muse for each of our photographers, who shower her with unending compliments!

[Photo © Wildlife SOS/Akash Dolas]

When it comes to food, Shivshree welcomes each of her meals with utmost joy. Except on Mondays and Thursdays, leopards at the centre are fed a meat-based diet every day. Shivshree continues to receive dietary supplements to maintain their nutritional well-being. 

[Photo © Wildlife SOS/Akash Dolas]

With her enchanting grace, Shivshree mesmerises everyone around her. The committed staff at the centre works tirelessly to provide continuous care for Shivshree and the leopards under long-term care. You too can come forward and support the welfare of our rescued leopards by becoming a monthly donor.

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