Year of rescue: 2017

Age at the time of rescue: 70 years old

Sex: Male

Personality traits: Calm, serene

Recognisable features: Long tusks that curve in front of the trunk, not capped

Present health condition: Gajraj continues to undergo treatments for his chronic hip abscess and thin footpads, overgrown and cracked cuticles 

Facility: Elephant Conservation and Conservation Centre

Favourite food: Soft grass, ripened fruits, mangoes

Closest to: Solitary by nature

Favourite activities: Playing with tyre enrichment

Special needs: Geriatric elephant; special routine; warm oil massages during winter and tarpaulin covers around his enclosure

Mahout name: Prahlad

Background history: Before his arrival at Wildlife SOS, Gajraj was presented to a queen in India  as a wedding gift. He spent his entire life as a temple elephant, and a tourist attraction in Maharashtra. He had increasing health issues – severe toenail and hip abscesses. Both his hind limbs were showing a severe degeneration of the foot pads, gradually moving towards lameness. This is when Wildlife SOS came into the picture and, without much ado, safely brought him to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre for lifelong geriatric care.

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