Update On Mohan’s Situation

July 23, 2016 | By dw
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We have had a major breakthrough in our efforts to help Mohan. He is currently safe and has been moved away from his captors. In order to ensure the safety of Mohan and everyone involved, we are unable to disclose his current location or any other details at this moment. We will update you once we are able to share more information. On behalf of Mohan, we thank you for your prayers, patience and continued support.

7/26/2016 update: Many of you have asked why the people who held Mohan have not been arrested. You will be relieved to learn that the recent court order directed the police to register a criminal case against the people holding Mohan in illegal custody including the mahout.

In compliance with this court order, the police arrested the mahout and sent him to jail and are on the lookout for the other two people who are on the run and absconding currently. They will be arrested if they are located by the Police. Although this has been a long fight, Mohan is finally getting the justice he deserves!

7/25/2016 Update: We overjoyed that Mohan is currently out of the hands of his captors and after 50 years is having his first exposure to kindness and some freedom. Although, he is safe, the fight to keep Mohan free is not over. There are more court hearings ahead. We share this with you just to help keep you prepared of some battles to still come. We will do our best to keep you updated on his situation without jeopardizing his safety and our team.

Now that Mohan has been evaluated by a veterinarian team, many of our worst fears on his physical health have been confirmed. The official medical exam reveals that Mohan is emaciated as a result of severe starvation. The report also details wounds that have occurred from regular beatings and poking with sharp objects. He also has severe roundworm infestation.

As an interim measure, Mohan is in the custody of the forest department where he will receive medical care and the attention he deserves. Our team is on the ground with him throughout this process.

We can’t thank you enough for working with us to bring justice for Mohan. This is the most recent photo of him. Also, we thought you might enjoy seeing the photos of the buffet cart that has all the new foods that you have made possible for Mohan.

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