Saving a Little Angel Named Pari

November 22, 2021 | By dw
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November 16, 2021 – This could be our most dangerous rescue ever, which is why we are unable to reveal many details about a little elephant named Pari who is in dire need of help.

Pari means “angel” in Hindi. She is barely able to stand, yet still forced to work. The few photos we have of Pari are distressing and illustrate that she is in critical need of our immediate help. Her foot injuries are some of the worst we’ve ever seen, and she must be brought to the safety of our Elephant Hospital.

Our intention is to send a team of rescuers to get her within the next week. Can you help Pari today with a gift to elephant rescue and care?

We’ve saved over 40 elephants to date and we’re ready to help this little elephant, but we need your help to make her rescue possible. The photo shown above is not an actual photo of Pari, but it represents her current condition. When we know Pari is out of immediate danger, we will update you with photos, videos and a detailed bio of her situation. On behalf of this little angel Pari, we thank you!

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