In Memory of Mohan

Our journey with Mohan started long before he arrived at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center. For more than a year, his hunched figure, weak and emaciated, had been in the middle of our most complicated and controversial rescue operations — and the fierce legal battle that accompanied them. After a volatile mob thwarted our first rescue[…]

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Mohan Celebrates One Year of Freedom with Wildlife SOS

After nearly two years of relentless efforts to bring Mohan to safety, Wildlife SOS was finally able to rescue him in September 2016. The harrowing rescue, much like our thwarted initial attempts at getting him out of the hell hole he was in, was met with much opposition from an angry unruly mob determined to stop us at any cost. Despite it all,[…]

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Mohan’s Ivory Seized In Covert Operation

Last September marked a major victory for Wildlife SOS as we had pulled off one of the most challenging and the biggest of our elephant rescues till date. Mohan’s rescue was indeed a roller coaster ride for all of us but all the hard work and support led to his much awaited freedom! Following the rescue, the Wildlife SOS anti-poaching unit[…]

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A Webinar On Mohan’s Rescue

When Mohan’s story first entered the public domain, his plight captivated hearts everywhere – and people around the world became invested in ending the suffering of this wonderful elephant. Unfortunately, Mohan’s rescue wasn’t that simple, and it took nearly two years of fighting before we were able to get him to the safety of the Elephant […]

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Update On Mohan’s Life After Rescue

Mohan gently lets his head sink below the cool water, loving the calming sensation of the water around him and the weightlessness of his body in the pool. His trunk pokes out from among the ripples at the water’s surface, like the snorkel of a diver, sucking in the crisp morning air. The pool is gradually becoming Mohan’s favourite place in[…]

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World’s Unluckiest Elephant, Mohan, Finally Unshackled!

We're thrilled to inform you all that Mohan, chained and abused for the past 50 years of his life, has finally been rescued by Wildlife SOS and is on his way to our Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura. He has been loaded on the truck safely and is being accompanied by 9 team members which includes the Wildlife SOS expert paramedics[…]

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Update On Mohan’s Situation

We have had a major breakthrough in our efforts to help Mohan. He is currently safe and has been moved away from his captors. In order to ensure the safety of Mohan and everyone involved, we are unable to disclose his current location or any other details at this moment. We will update you once we are able to share more information. On behalf of[…]

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Mohan – Frequently Asked Questions

We've been taking note of the questions you are asking about Mohan, and have drafted the answers below to help bring more clarity to his current situation. Thank you for having an interest in Mohan, and for supporting our efforts to rescue him. What is Mohan’s history? Mohan has been chained up and used as a working elephant since he was a[…]

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Mohan’s Current Rescue Situation

Mohan, chained and abused for the past 50 years of his life, needs to be rescued. To keep you all updated, we will post updates on this blog and on Facebook. So stay tuned and keep checking in! (please note that the newest entries are at the bottom of the page) TO HELP MOHAN: The legal fight to secure Mohan's freedom will require significant[…]

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Reiterating the Pledge to Responsible Tourism!

For all us travel enthusiasts, the COVID19 pandemic has put a screeching halt to all our plans and expectations of what 2020 would look like. With almost 9 months of the year gone by, it is very tough to look back and recall what we accomplished in the past year, especially in terms of all the places that we wished to travel. On the occasion of[…]

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