Arya Arrives at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital!

Enveloped with darkness and worked to the point of over exertion, an ailing and exhausted elephant would timidly make her way through the streets of a small town in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, unsure of the next step that she would take owing to her complete loss of vision. She worked through her blindness bravely and started using her trunk to survey […]

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Year of arrival: 2020 Age at the time of arrival: about 50 years-old Sex: Female Personality traits: Capricious and alert Recognisable features: Depigmented borders on her ears, almost as tall as Phoolkali, stands with her head slightly raised Present health condition: Completely blind in both eyes, overgrown and cracked[…]

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Daisy Arrives At The Elephant Rehabilitation Center, Haryana

Delhi seems to be bursting at the seams with an estimated population of nearly 20 million people. Every nook and corner of the city seems to be occupied with people, who flock from all over the country in search of better and more opportunities. It goes without saying that Delhi is crunched for space and certainly the city does not have enough[…]

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Team Accenture Volunteers At Friendicoes & Wildlife Rescue Center Haryana

It was an exciting day at the Friendicoes SECA shelter in Gurgaon, Haryana as a team from Accenture came to work as volunteers at the shelter for animals. The eager team consisting of 16 volunteers arrived in the morning and were greeted by Dr. Abhishek, Senior Veterinarian, and the Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes staff present there. Following[…]

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Haryana Leopard released back into the wild.

With massive deforestation and man animal conflict becoming an everyday occurrence Wildlife SOS once again played nurse to an injured Leopard that fell prey to mob fury in a village in Haryana. The young female Leopard, about 2 years old, had strayed into Ahmadbas village in Mewat district of Haryana. The villagers informed the local forest[…]

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Caring for Blind Elephants at Wildlife SOS

With Arya’s arrival at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital, there are now a total of 6 rescued blind elephants under our care. These elephants have endured brutality and pain, which caused irreversible damage to their body and mind. Severe malnutrition coupled with lack of timely medical treatment for eye injuries that were caused by repeated […]

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Lilly Completes 6 Years at the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre!

With her larger than life personality and enthusiastic trumpeting, it is very easy to distinguish Lilly from the rest of the herd which resides at the Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, situated in Haryana. Watching Lilly enjoy her peaceful walks around the densely forested area with her companions or mischievously sneaking out treats from her[…]

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Delhi’s Last Elephant, Jasmine, Celebrates One Year of Freedom!

It would be a common sight for people residing in Delhi to witness an elephant making her way through the narrow streets and heavy traffic. With blaring horns causing immense psychological distress to her, one year ago, nobody would have believed that Jasmine would ever be liberated from this abusive life. Jasmine’s day would include endless[…]

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